Clean Obsessed

Whether you are a clean obsessed person or not, don’t we all want our vacuum cleaners to be Clean Obsessed®?

A Clean Obsessed® vacuum has ONE job – to reliably, thoroughly and easily vacuum up dirt, dust, hair, mites, sand, and all the other debris that gets into our carpets, and on our floors. 

Clean Obsessed vacuums were all designed as commercial machines, because I wanted the toughest motors and parts, made to stand up to ALL DAY, EVERYDAY USE. They are built with not only the highest quality internal workings, but also have what has been described by many as THE MOST POWERFUL SUCTION of any vacuum on this planet!!  This has made them popular with the cleaning staffs of hotels, movie theaters, office buildings, and professional cleaning services.

Certain models are made especially lightweight so they are perfect for easy use at home, while still being super reliable.

 Clean Obsessed Vacuums and other products are sold only in fine specialty vacuum stores, where you will find the highest level of service.

-Founder of Clean Obsessed


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Commercial 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum


Commercial Canister Vacuum



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